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Our plumbers St Peters MO services have a lot to offer our clients. Your safety and your home’s proper functioning are our top priority, and we ensure we provide you with the best of our services. 

Here is a list of commercial plumbing services First Apostle Plumbing Co happily offers its clients. 

In addition to our expertise as we aim to deliver the best results, you can trust our team to be caring. We understand plumbing emergencies can be scary sometimes, but we assure you we will handle things to the best of our potential. We’ll ensure to minimize the harm and recover as much damage as possible. 

We’ll also keep you informed about everything that is going on. Rest easy. We won’t perform any procedure until we have discussed it with you, and you’ve allowed us to perform it. 

We’re always here to answer any questions you have about your plumbing. We’ve got the expertise and the skilled workforce so you can easily place your trust in us. 

Every home has a unique plumbing system which means no home can be treated the same. We recognize this and ensure to inspect your home before performing any activity thoroughly.

Even if two houses in the same area seek the same treatment, their different plumbing systems may require completely different approaches. 

For example, a home built in the 1980s seeking repairs will undergo completely different treatments due to its age and materials used compared to a home built a few years ago with a relatively new plumbing system. 

Our plumbers St Peters MO experts design solutions according to the needs of your home and your satisfaction.

Bothered by a leaky faucet? Or is your toilet making strange noises? No matter the problem, we are here with a wide range of plumbing solutions. 

Repairs may not sound like a big task, but they will cause the problem to come back soon if done wrong. In addition, it may aggravate the current problem resulting in severe damage. 

Repairs are a common household plumbing issue, and our team has no problem taking care of them. We specialize in numerous repairs involving leaks, water heaters, drains and sewage, garbage disposals, etc. 

Repairs are not the only thing we excel at. Our team also handles installation and replacement very well. 

It’s exciting to purchase a new appliance, but things can go wrong very quickly if it isn’t correctly installed. As a result, your machine may not work as efficiently as it’s supposed to. Furthermore, you may shorten the appliance’s lifespan due to improper functioning. 

Installation and removal require the right equipment, which our experts are trained to use. We handle your appliance with care and ensure installation and replacement go smoothly. We will also guide you on how to use the appliance once it is in place to use it to its full potential. 

Everyone deserves access to clean and safe drinking water, and while our country tries its best to provide us with this fundamental right, most contaminants escape the public water systems entering your water supply. 

We understand the importance of replacing hard water with soft water by installing water treatment systems for your home. We will help you choose the type of system you’re most comfortable with and best suits your home. 

We will also inspect whether your home needs a pre-filter to help your water treatment system work efficiently and lengthen its lifespan. 

Whether you’re looking to install, replace, or repair your water heater, our St Peters plumbing experts can provide you with it all. 

Water heaters are a vital part of your home, giving you the hot water you need to carry out numerous home activities. No matter what kind of water heater you have or want to purchase, our team guides you on how to use it and keep it working in top shape.

You don’t have to look elsewhere for maintenance services as First Apostle Plumbing Co can happily provide you with that too!

Plumbing maintenance is an integral part of keeping your plumbing system happy. Catching and diagnosing undetected problems ahead of time can save you on costs and prevent any property damages. 

Our team will visit your home and perform a check to ensure everything is in order. 

If you’re confused about a plumbing problem and are not sure if your home requires a visit yet, you can call us for advice. 

It’s possible that the problem you’re experiencing does not need expert help. However, let us know what concerns you, and we can guide you to do the right thing. 

For example, if your garbage disposal isn’t turning on, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with it. Instead, our experts may advise you to plug the unit in again or press the reset button to have it going again. 

We urge you not to try anything yourself as you may endanger yourself and your home. Our experts can guide you on call to do the right thing. If needed, we will visit you to look at the problem ourselves. 

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